Pregnancy caused stretch marks

Depressed streaks on the skin are stretch marks. These marks are a form of scarring that develops after body growths in their later stages. As thee marks progress through these stages- they change in color. Some marks are red and pink, then they fade to purple, and they finally fade to a silver, white color. The top reasons stretch marks develop include:

1. Puberty
2. Pregnancy
3. Weight Gain
4. Weight Loss
5. Body Building
6. Weight Lifting

Who gets pregnancy marks and how do they form? Pregnancy caused stretch marks affect women before, during and after the baby is born. Only women can develop pregnancy stretch marks. Stretch marks form when proteins like collagen and elastin are disturbed. Generally the skin is durable and flexible, but if the production of collagen gets interrupted, then elasticity can weaken and cause the skin to stretch.

If you are carrying twins or multiple fetuses, then this can promote the skin to stretch. Babies that are heavier in weight, which causes the m other to gain weight rapidly can produce stretch marks as well.

Women who develop streaks on their body may be wondering if the marks go away on their own. These marks are scar-like streaks that will not go away on their own. However, they can lighten in color over time. The best way to help reduce the look of stretch marks is with a stretch mark cream. Some of these products reviewed here.

Stretch mark creams that are intended for use on pregnancy marks are recommended for women who are pregnant. Some creams are suitable or use before, during and after pregnancy. Not all products are the same- so it is advised to review the warnings, usage and ingredients section before use. This can help reduce the likelihood of negative side effects.

The best creams for pregnancy stretch marks are those that do not leave a residue so that no one can tell you are wearing one. Also, creams that can reduce the look of skin discolorations and may help improve firmness, tightness and elasticity are suggested for use. Click the see this site link to see a list of products that offer these benefits.