The best 3 ways to help your scar

1. Scar Gel

The best way to help the look and feel of your scar is with a scar gel. Gels are promoted to improve the overall look and feel of scars, if they contain 100% silicone ingredients. Silicone scar gels are also marketed to: visibly diminish keloid, burn, surgery, raised, accidental, c-section, stretch mark and most common scar types. Silicone can also soften and reduce the appearance of both old and new scars in just a few weeks. Individuals who used gels claimed that it provided moisture to the skin and acted as a shield against dirt, debris, and irritants.  Most gels offer optimal results in 60-90 days of using the product as directed. These options can retail for less than $50 online and can be used in the privacy of your home. For more info on scar gels, click on the check this out link.

2. Laser Treatment

Laser treatments are the second best option on the market for men and women who want to remove their scars. During a laser treatment, a machine is used to expose heat beams to the skin in pulses. These pulses are intended to remove layers of skin, so that old, damaged skin is removed. Laser treatments help boost the production of collagen. These treatments are performed by a professional.

Laser can be hurtful to men and women with a low tolerance to pain. In addition, these treatments are expensive and can cost thousands of dollars unless a package deal special is purchased. Most individuals need 3-10 treatments performed to completely remove their scar. After 3-4 treatments you may begin to notice visible results.  This option should only be used if a scar gel does not offer results. Please refer to to see how gels compare to treatments.

3. Dermabrasion

The third option to reduce the look of scars is Dermabrasion. During this treatment, a trained professional uses a machine to rub crystals against your skin. These crystals push rough substances against the skin to remove outer layers of the skin. This helps less damaged layers become exposed so that soft, smooth skin shows.  Most men and women need 5-12 treatments in order to achieve desired results. this can cost hundreds of dollars. Go to to see more on this.